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A wise compression between hot and cold wallet for Bitcoin, Cons, and Pros of Both Mechanisms

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Both hot and cold wallets have different properties. No wallet is bad or good but the situation defines which wallet should you use. I will celebrate this with an example. A person is willing to buy bitcoin to sell it at higher rates. This is not a quick process he has to buy bitcoin then a long period of time is needed to wait until the price has gone higher. He has to store bitcoin for a very long time. In this situation, that person will use the cold storage method to store BTC. If any person has some amount of crypto coin and he is spending bitcoin on a regular basis he will use the hot wallet. Because hot wallets allow him to access your coins quickly using the internet anywhere in the world. Cold wallets are pretty complicated to use bitcoin from that.

Comparison between Hard vs cold wallet for bitcoin

Hot Wallet vs Cold Wallet

Below table express the core differences between hot and cold wallets

Hot Wallet Cold Wallet
Easy to access unhandy to access
Hot wallets are Online wallets that are connected to the interne Cold wallets are Offline wallets that are not connected to the internet
Hot wallets allow making transactions directly. Transfer BTC to the hot wallet before making transactions.
More chances of reach hacker to wallet. Not accessable to hackers.
Most of these wallets are free. The majority of these wallets are premium.
Virtual wallets Physical Wallets
User Friendly Complicated

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Cons and Pros of Hot and Cold wallets

Bitcoin Cold storage Wallet doesn't mean only paper wallets but some other options are also considered while storing Coins in cold storage. This includes some hardware wallets, Paper wallets, and Sound wallets. Among these Printable paper wallets are considered as the top quality wallet. Below here I will explain the method of securing storing of bitcoin in the paper wallet and How to generate bitcoin cold storage keys.