Cheapest Bitcoin Cold Storage Wallet

Cheapest bitcoin cold storage wallet that will help you keep your BTC and another cryptocurrency safe from hacker and unauthorized people

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If you are in search of the Cheapest Bitcoin Cold Storage Wallet that guarantees the security of bitcoin. you have landed on the right platform. In this article, I will cover the cheapest wallet generation and full proof security of your cryptocurrency. Furthermore, You will learn here the complete process to get a free cold storage wallet and a pen and paper bitcoin wallet technique.

During my career, I have used different wallets that work perfectly. Some of them were cheap but most of these wallets were charging a huge amount. I tried to use different special hardware wallets and even tried a simple USB (Universal Serial Bus) to store my digital currency. My experience with these all devices was satisfactory but I was in search of a hardware wallet that doesn't charge any penny to store my bitcoin. then I come to know about paper wallets. This technique allows me to create a free wallet address and write it on a sheet with a normal writing pen. however, I can print it by using a printer. The bonus point of a paper wallet is: I can get a totally out of technology wallet. If you are thinking about the damage to paper, you can use a paper that is waterproof and hard sheet.

How to get a cold storage free wallet address

In order to generate cold storage wallet, you have to follow some simple steps here. The process is simple, secure, and free. It will not take much time for you. While creating a wallet make sure that your computer is virus-free and you are not using any infected DLL file. If you think that you have previously used one then replace that with a new one from pickdll. Then follow this process. By using this below method you can create a very secured bitcoin wallet.

  • Visit
  • Click on the "create wallet now" button present at the top of the page.
  • Wait few seconds so that it will create a wallet for you.
  • After completion of the wallet creation, you will find there "print and save" button.
  • You have to tab on the print button if you have attached the printer with your computer.
  • You can also write down keys on a sheet of paper with paper and pen instead of printing it.
  • Use public keys to receive funds on your cold storage wallet.

Security measure of Cold Storage Wallet

Once you receive bitcoin in your offline cold storage wallet now it's your responsibility to keep it secure. no hacker can reach your paper wallet. To keep your wallet safe you have to do proper arrangements.

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Adding funds to your cold storage wallet

The adding of funds to cold storage wallet is a pretty simple task. Once you have created the cold storage wallet. You will get two keys with the barcode. both the keys have different functions public keys are used to adding funds to your cold wallet, meanwhile private keys are used to access funds you have stored on your bitcoin cold storage wallet. So, you have to sign in to your online wallet where your bitcoin is stored. After that, you have to tab on the export button. Then the system will ask you about the wallet address where you want to send your funds. you have to put your public keys there. After that, you have to click on proceed to send button. it will ask you for some security verifications. complete the verification process. you have done it.